COVID-19 Assistance

In the year 2020 it has been involved tremendously in helping the marginalized community. It stood up during the COVID-19 initiative to provide support and care for families and students impacted by the Coronavirus. It helped multiple students and families with scholarships, rent assistance, technology, and support services and continues to do so.


COVID-19 Initiative to help students in need

COVID-19 has changed the way life has been for everyone. No one ever imagined how serious it was until it effected their lives. Many lost their jobs, many changed the way they work, schools shifted their way of teaching from face to face to E-learning and students adapted to all these changes without a choice. The pandemic was not just restricted to one country but to the entire world. The people who were already in crisis got into situations that added to their pain. People who thought their life was perfect, came to realization that things are not permanent. Many who did not value their basic pleasures learnt how to value them now, be kind, generous and selfless for once. Life changed, looks like for a while and no one knows what the outcome is.

Level Playing Field has stepped up to provide all the help it can in the area it functions as an organization to help the international students and their families who have been impacted by the coronavirus. These students depend on money from their home countries, which are currently under shut down and are unable to receive funds for their basic expenses. Many families lost their jobs and will not be able to provide their kids. We have many students who are struggling to buy groceries, pay utilities or their tuition to maintain their status.We are building partnerships with many organizations to come under one umbrella and help anyone who needs help. We have been assisting students with free groceries assistance for about 8 weeks since the shutdown. We need to do more as the need has amplified. We reach out to you to help in whatever way you could and make a difference.

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